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Tim Aaron Records is a record store founded in 2014 by Tim Aaron as an outlet for a collection of works that span 35 years - that may otherwise not be heard and includes one of the earliest known studio recordings of funk's shift to rap (1981). To be released spring 2016.
(see publishing.bandcamp.com/album/gentle-giants)

Tim Aaron Records is a place built from music for its contributors - each laid bricks in the foundation - it is a destination they can come to and be proud of. It's a garden of music and image; a tribute to all those who helped grow it; a place to chill. More than the sum of its parts: An evolving story of aspirations, love, & fleeting friendships. This tangible collection of truths that not only documents moments of many lives, it arranges to form a new song whose evolution brings great joy to its creators. All are welcome.


released February 16, 2016